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About Me: Jewel Jones Faison, Ph.D.

My Background At-a-Glance


As a Kingdom-minded Educator and Business Leader with more than 35 years of experience in urban public schools, private school founding, P-16 teaching and leadership, I design and develop spaces that produce tomorrow's leaders.  Additionally, I provide quality professional development and support to P-16  educators who serve all children; particularly those serving children of color whose lives are impacted by issues of inequity, poverty and cultural difference.  I received my bachelor's degree in Sociology from Spelman College and completed graduate degrees (M.Ed., D.A.S.T., & Ph.D.) in Education Leadership and Educational Studies at Emory University.  My post-graduate training at the Harvard School of Education, Chicago's Joseph Business School and Bias/Sensitivity training and experience in student assessment and development with Measured Progress, Inc., I possess a full-spectrum of talent, experience and creativity needed to assist future global educators and  business leaders. 

Additionally, as a corporate and non-profit business owner, I find time to advise and assist entrepreneurs in idea development and creative design.  I also  provide direct meta-cognitive coaching in ELA, Math and writing to K-12, college and  and graduate level clients.  Constructs & Concepts International has successfully provided consulting since 2004.

My Work Passions Include Leading

Specializing in Charter  Governance Team Training and Equity & Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

  • A Kingdom Educators Network  that provides safe spaces for educators to experience transformative thinking, inner-strengthening, and pedagogy development that support ALL children. 
  • Job-embedded staff development workshops and seminar-style training across content and genres for schools, churches, and community youth organizations who serve linguistically, economically, and culturally diverse children, and 
  • On-line Mini-Courses and  Coaching that address the teaching of specific content in a culturally-responsive context.

More About Me

My sidekick, Miss Sassy 2018

When I'm not developing grants, tutoring children, working with clients or facilitating workshops, I enjoy: reading, traveling, and spending time with millennials as I listen to their solutions to world issues.  I find their creative problem solving fascinating! Simple relaxation while petting my  mom's poodle, Miss Sassy, is also a joy!  My favorite weekend is spent bowling or taking short road trips thru small town America.  An occasional international get-a-way is fun!  I enjoy the ballet, attending live theater, managing my family's properties, or almost any activity on or near water.  I absolutely love watching online religious teachings, documentaries and live webinars!