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Contact us at: (229) 869-3116

About Me: Jewel Jones Faison, Ph.D.

My Background At-a-Glance

As a Kingdom Educator with more than 35 years of experience in urban public schools, private schools, P-16, post-secondary and graduate school teaching and leadership, I design learning spaces that affirm and develop students into tomorrow's leaders.  Additionally, I provide quality professional development and support to P-16  educators who serve all children; particularly those serving children of color whose lives are impacted by issues of inequity, poverty and cultural difference.  I received my bachelor's degree in Sociology from Spelman College and completed graduate degrees (M.Ed., D.A.S.T., & Ph.D.) in Education Leadership and Educational Studies at Emory University.  My post-graduate training at the Harvard School of Education and Bias/Sensitivity training and experience in student testing and assessment with Measured Progress, Inc. provides me with the full-spectrum of talent and experience needed to create future global leaders. I also find time to provide direct meta-cognitive coaching in ELA, Math and writing to K-12, college and  and graduate level students.  Constructs & Concepts International has successfully provided educational consulting since 2004.

My Work Passions Include Leading

Specializing in Charter  Governance Team Training and Equity & Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

  • A Kingdom Educators Network  that provides safe spaces for educators to experience transformative thinking, inner-strengthening, and pedagogy development that support ALL children. 
  • Job-embedded staff development workshops and seminar-style training across content and genres for schools, churches, and community youth organizations who serve linguistically, economically, and culturally diverse children, and 
  • On-line Mini-Courses and  Coaching that address the teaching of specific content in a culturally-responsive context.

More About Me

When I'm not developing grants, tutoring children, working with clients or facilitating workshops, I enjoy: reading, traveling, and spending time with millennials as I listen to their solutions to world issues.  I find their creative problem solving fascinating! Simple relaxation while petting my  mom's poodle, Miss Sassy, is also a joy!  My favorite weekend is spent bowling or taking short road trips thru small town America.  An occasional international get-a-way is fun!  I enjoy the ballet, attending live theater, managing my family's properties, or almost any activity on or near water.  I absolutely love watching online religious teachings, documentaries and live webinars!


Intro Consultation for Meta-cognitive Coaching

All students are assessed in the content area where they will receive coaching.  I offer a free one-hour consultation to go over the application and assessment results with the student and their family. After this initial consultation, I follow up with the family to recommend an appropriate service for their need, to include providing tutoring and/or meta-cognitive coaching services.  LET US HELP YOU!

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Governance Team Training & Workshops

 Constructs & Concepts International (CCI) offers Charter School Board Assessments and Governance Training that are standards-based and that meet the specific needs of the Charter Board.  No more boring boiler-plate training that limits the Board's ability to govern successfully in an ever changing school environment.  LET US HELP YOU! 

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Complete Review & Advisement Services

I offer full educational consulting services for adults that include a review of the clients' needs.  Our clients' needs range from charter governance training, grant writing, graduate student research support, equity and culturally responsive pedagogy training  to challenging Christian educators to access Kingdom principles to impact student learning.  LET US HELP YOU!

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I understand that each student's situation and needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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