An Impartational Professional Development/Design & Meta-cognitive Coaching Firm


The bi-yearly newsletter of CCI is provided to Kingdom Educators who are willing to engage in critical dialogue around issues of equity and creativity for all children; especially children of color.  This newsletter marries theoretical research with the practical application of preparing children who are typically disenfranchised, as they discover their academic giftedness and creativity, despite institutional and societal inequities. 


Using MakerSpace and other collaborative brainstorming opportunities to facilitate creativity.  CCI helps clients (especially those who embrace Kingdom identity and concepts) prepare children early to be creative and critical problem solvers, while occupying a place of dominion and influence in their worlds.


Dr. Faison contracted with Dougherty County Schools to develop and coordinate a "system" of charter system schools.  After hearing from stakeholders throughout community she designed the charter system application which was approved and a 5 year charter was issued to allow the schools to use flexibility (from Title 20 laws) and innovative practices to increase student achievement and school improvement